6 June, NZST 11:55 pm

Fine Wine

$ 199.00

WOOCS 2.2.5

The Specialty Coffee Roaster ‘Allpress Espresso’ is an outstanding coffee made from 100% arabica green beans which have been air roasted to make a sweet balanced espresso blend plunger coffee 250g.
‘Janus Bakkerj’ Almond & Chocolate Biscotti
‘Fudge Cottage’ Cream & Coffee Fudge Bar.
Herb & Spice Mill Fudge Brownie.
Made in New Zealand Dog Town Mustard 200g.
‘Herb & Spice Mill’ Black Cheddar Bites.
5 O’Clock Crackers Crunchy, Salty Crackers great for Platters and Dips.
‘Pembroke’ Oatcakes Prefect on a Cheese Board or Gingerbread Biscuits.
Quality Bottle of Red and White Wine.

Presented in a wooden crate with a message on a gift card.

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