6 August, NZST 1:02 am

Champagne Cocktail

$ 135.00

WOOCS 2.2.5


  • French Meringues Lightly Toasted with Almonds Baked in a Smooth Meringue -Made by’Janus Bakkerij’ in New Zealand.
  • ‘More-or-Less’ Hand Wash has Essential Oils of Lemon Grass and Lemon. Contains Gentle Cleansers Derived from Natural Coconut Oil that Won’t Damage your Skin – 500ml or ‘More-or- Less’ Hand cream 200ml.
  • ‘Herb & Spice Mill’ Black Pepper Nibbly Bites.
  • Packet of Sweet Pebble Chocolate Confectionery Coated in a Thin Layer of Sugar.
  • Small Bottle of Brut ‘Freixenet’ Champagne Bubbles 200ml.
  • ‘Kasbah Design’ Champagne Cocktail Soy Wax Candle with a Brushed Gold Lid.
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